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Warmest welcome to the Gobbas Gård -family farm website!

Summertime are Fresh Ecological Green Broad Beans available. See page "Jälleenmyyjät" to find out where to obtain your fresh broad beans.

Gobbas Gård -family farm is only 80 km from Helsinki and 27 km from ancient town of Porvoo. The farm is surrounded by own forest and the Finnish Brown Broad Beans are grown in the healthiest air in the Europe. No chemicals are used in Gobbas Gård and the traditional farming methods are still used to enhance the healthiness of the crops. The Broad Bean contains lots of healthy substances and it is an easy environmental deed to replace even some of your proteins with this healthy super food grown in pure fields of Finland. The delicious and salad like sprouts of Finnish Brown Broad Beans nutritional values are considered to equal with chick pea or soya bean sprouts.

Here are instructions how to cook The Finnish Brown Broad Bean:

1) Rinse and soak over night. Shorter soaking is possible if you boil them for a little longer.

Peeled broad beans do not need more than 10-15 minutes soaking.

3) Boil in salted fresh water for 15-30 minutes depending on the time you have soaked the beans and depending if you wish to use them as side dish or if you wish to liquidize them into hummus/pesto

Now you are ready to enjoy the beans. Here are some easy-to-do recipes:

1) You can marinade the cooked beans for a while in a mixture of 1) cold-pressed rapeseed or olive oil + 2) finely chopped garlic/lemon juice according to your taste + 3) bunch of fine chopped parsley/other fresh herb as you like and serve them as a side dish for a chicken breast or add the marinated beans into a rustic salad with lettuce, tomato and e.g. cucumber. Mix your own marinade! Nearly anything goes with this mild taste protein. Your imagination is the limit.

2) Add the cooked beans just simply with crushed tomatoes, warm up and season with little bit of salt, pepper and a hint of sugar. If stronger taste is needed, add selection your favorite herbs. Nearly anything goes! Then serve the side dish with baked potatoes or vegetables and/or with nice bbq ribs.

3) Liquidize the beans into pesto with equal amount of onions nicely caramelized for 10 minutes on a frying pan (do not burn the onion, be careful!). Add peanut, sunflower or mild rapeseed oil and water, if needed to help the process. Add some cashew nuts if nuttier taste is required. Season with salt and freshly grounded black pepper. Serve the pesto with Scandinavian rye bread or even add it over to your baked veggies or potatoes. Yammie

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